shower chair / with armrests / on casters / with cutout seat
Carino Arjo



  • Type:

    shower chair

  • Components:

    with armrests, on casters, with cutout seat

  • Other characteristics:

    height-adjustable, electric


The versatile height-adjustable shower and hygiene chair

This easy-to-use hygiene chair offers an efficient, safe and ergonomic solution for assisted showering, and other hygiene routines, such as hair washing, pedicure and toileting.

The Carino® shower and hygiene chair is designed to make assisted showering sessions comfortable, dignified and efficient. It also provides caregivers with an ideal working environment for hair washing, pedicures and toileting routines.

Enhancing lives and making tasks easier
Every aspect of the Carino, from the foot-operated rotating footplates to the swing-away leg rests, is designed to provide optimum comfort for the resident/patient and sound ergonomics for the caregiver. The resident’s/patient's dignity remains intact when sitting in a height-adjustable hygiene chair, which enables a comfortable recline and good eye contact with the caregiver.

Improving safety and efficiency
Showering on a height-adjustable hygiene chair is not only healthier from a static load perspective, it also saves time. Assisted showering usually requires two attendants, whereas with the Carino, showering and other hygiene routines can be carried out in a dignified manner by one caregiver, making it highly efficient.