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pH monitoring system / for blood banks / portable
pH1000 BCSI



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    for blood banks

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The pH SAFE READER (also known as the pH1000) is an easy-to-use system for rapid, non-invasive and accurate pH measurement of stored human platelets. The system provides a critical check of quality before platelets are transfused.BCSI’s pH SAFE System is a non-invasive system comprised of a sterile platelet storage bag with an optical pH SAFE SENSOR that interprets the biochemical changes occurring in the platelet solution and the pH SAFE READER. CE Mark approval was granted in 2007.pH SAFE SENSOR – the pH sensor is a small plastic part that is integrated into the platelet storage bag. It is non-toxic and does not affect platelet viability or sterility. The pH sensor contains a small paper membrane that has a fluorescent pH indicator dye attached.The pH SAFE READER is used for the fluorescent pH measurements of the pH SAFE SENSORS incorporated into the platelet bags. A reading of pH with the system takes less than 1 second and can be linked to the bag ID, user ID, and time of reading. The reader can interface with printers or laboratory information systems for record keeping and reporting. The pH SAFE System is is available for sale in Europe and other countries which recognize the CE mark. Products are not yet commercially available in North America.