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automatic immunoassay analyzer / bench-top / compact / ELISA
LB 925 5-in-one Berthold Technologies



  • Operation:


  • Configuration:

    bench-top, compact

  • Technology:


  • Patient type:

    human, veterinary


The ELISA workstation Crocodile is a compact equipment integrating dispenser, shaker, incubator, washer and reader using the bench space of an ELISA reader.The use of the Crocodile ELISA miniWorkstation reduces assay time by eliminating the need to move plates between dispenser, shaker, incubator, washer and reader.Crocodile is a bench-top instrument that has been designed specifically with ease of use in mind. It is easy to operate, extremely reliable and requires only minimal routine maintenance. You can automate any ELISA, or other assays involving dispensing, shaking, incubation, washing or absorbance reading, thanks to the flexibility of its software.

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