transport stretcher trolley / hydraulic / radiolucent / trauma
BIPT003X BiHealthcare



  • Type:


  • Operation:


  • Other characteristics:

    radiolucent, trauma

  • Number of sections:

    4 sections


Speeco X Transportation Stretcher/BIPT003X/BiHealthcare
• X-ray specifity stretcher, whole body X-ray cassette
• USA hydraulic pumps ensure highly performace
• One button to lay down the side rail
• Hands free hi-lo operation, trend./reversed trend.
• Torque release knee gatch handle
• Backrest raising with CPR release
• Integrated IV.pole could be foldable
• Central brake is 6" diameter, brakes at two ends
• Steeringwheel technology, shock-proof
• Standard size: 212cm*80cm*63cm/93cm