laboratory fume hood / chemical / containment / floor-standing
50-090-10x series BIO-OPTICA Milano



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  • Function:

    chemical, containment

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General information
Type of instrument:Chemical hood in compliance with the rule 14175.
Model:Lab Tech 90.
Code:50-090-101 (working plane with containment edge without sink). 50-090-103 (sink on the left). 50-090-104 (sink on the right).
Description:Hood designed for effecting operations of mounting and staining slides. Designed to prevent Chemical risk. Provided with vapours aspiration System from the frontal side and the top; predisposed for fumes discharge outside.
Manufacturer:Bio-Optica Milano S.p.A.
Distributor in Italy:Bio-Optica Milano S.p.A.
Marketing:Since 2012.

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