sample evaporator / rotary / water bath
RE-2000A/2000B/2000E Biobase



  • Applications:

    for samples

  • Type:


  • Other characteristics:

    water bath


This product can form film under constant temperature heating and negative pressure conditions.Owning to its efficient evaporation and condensation recovery of menstruum ,the product is employed in biological ,medical,chemical and food industries , especially for operations of heat-sensitive material,crystallization,separation and recovery of menstruum.

1.Double layer PTFE material seals.
2.Humanization operation system,inbuilt gear, gear auto lifting system, efficiently,stability and durably.
3.Auto-lifting,efficiently,stably,and durably.
4.Clear display of date and controlling information.
5.Electronic no class speed regulation,smooth running.
6.Dual-reflux,integrative standard joints for cooling coil and ground glass receiving flask.
7.Valve feed pipe cover connecting tetrafluoroethylene pipe.
8.Stainless Al alloy and special industrial plastic structure.