foam cushion / visco-elastic / anti-decubitus
CU012 Biomatrix



  • Material:

    foam, visco-elastic

  • Other characteristics:



Cushion with different density. Cushion VISCOSIL 2D is made of viscoelastic polymer density similar to that of the epidermis. It does not drip, does not absorb liquids and odors.
Its chemical composition, gives it properties which provide a re-partition optimal and uniform over the entire surface. It acts in the ischial area, thanks to the gel of different densities, as a layer of fat that decreases the pressure in all important areas at risk of pressure sores. Disinfection with disinfectant can also diluted to 5% alcohol base. Outer lining 100% polyester, wash at 60 ° C. Dimensions: 05.01.K2D-2D VISCOSIL cm.40x40 cm.2 thick, 5 Suitable for patients at medium to high risk of decubitus

Material: viscous gel density 0.98 kg/m3,
high-frequency welding of the bag that encloses.
Therapeutic Range: kg.120

Dimensions: cm.40x40
thickness: cm.2, 5