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control monitoring device / air quality
SAMPL'AIR™ Biomérieux



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    air quality


Air Monitoring - Environmental Control Solutions
Leading-edge SAMPL'AIR™ instrument and key reagents conveniently bundled for effective regular air monitoring

Lower risk of airborne disease transmission
High-performance instrument offers ease in regular monitoring
Relevant culture media for both unprotected and protected areas

Healthcare facilities must be vigilant in the fight against airborne transmission of pathogens that can cause severe, even life-threatening infections, particularly in debilitated or immunocompromized populations. These airborne pathogens are a factor in the spread of Healthcare-Associated Infections, which lead to serious repercussions both in terms of patient outcomes and financial strain on health institutions. For example, in 2011, the WHO estimated that “In Europe, HAIs cause 16 million extra days of hospital stay and 37 000 attributable deaths (and contribute to an additional 110 000) annually. Associated costs: approximately € 7 billion.” Being proactive with regular, effective monitoring of your air environment will help meet patient-care objectives, keep costs down and meet increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for the hospital environment. bioMérieux brings you a smart, bundled solution to make your air monitoring easy and reliable

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