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femoral head prosthesis femoral head prosthesis - ReCap®


Replacement of the diseased surface of the femoral head while simultaneously restoring the normal anatomy and biomechanical function.

The ReCap® Femoral Resurfacing System replaces the diseased surface of the femoral head and is designed to restore the normal anatomy and biomechanical function of the hip joint.

The major advantage of the ReCap® Femoral Resurfacing System is its conservative nature. By avoiding medullary canal intrusion, it preserves valuable femoral bone stock, making it a bone-preserving alternative to total hip arthroplasty. A 2006 study published by Girard, J. et al. in the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (British) concluded that a group of young patients with femoral hemi-resurfacing were able to maintain a higher average activity level versus a similar group of patients who received a total hip arthroplasty1. Results suggest that improved resurfacing results may be attributed to the following:
Reduced pain and quicker recovery time from hemi-resurfacing surgery
Precision fitting of the hemi-resurfacing component to the size of the acetabulum