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Resting electrocardiograph / digital / 12-channel / with spirometer
CardioTouch 3000S Bionet


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    with spirometer, with touchscreen, with printer


CardioTouch 3000S have better-quality advantages as two in one system with color LCD touch screen. It improved Data Management and automatic selection of the best results. The creation diverse formula Morris/Polgar, Knudson/ITS, ECCS/Quanjer.

It has pre post bronchodilator comparison. The product is professional diagnosis with special interpretation report. Result in precise interpretation with leading Minnesota code. It measure in12Ch resting ECG with 120 kinds diagnosis.

The merchandise is simple to monitor patients ECG via 12Ch ECG on the screen. It has guide fault & pacemaker detection. There is no cleaning or sterilization with disposable mouthpiece. It assists with A4 size chart paper with reference graph.

It is low maintenance cost with normal fax paper. Ni-MH rechargeable battery allows cordless use for up to one hours with approximately 100 printouts. The screen has 4.3 color TFT LCD monitor with complete touch screen operation.


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