blood alcohol breath analyzer / electronic
AlcoTrue® AL Bluepoint MEDICAL



  • Tested parameter:

    for blood alcohol

  • Options:



AlcoTrue® AL - the professional breath alcohol ignition interlock device prevents drink driving and improves road tra c safety.

Key features:

Wireless data communication; no cables inside the car
TripLog provides automatic electronic drivers log
European certi cation for use on motor vehicle
Adaptable: multiple handsets can be used with one control unit
or one handset can be used with multiple control units
Multifunction capability: handset for driver and private test and
TripLog functionality
Rapid, precise and reliable measurements through professional
microprocessor controlled bluepoint® fuel cell technology
All records stored in data memory
Data Manager software allows detailed analysis and
management reporting
Intuitive user interface (self-explanatory)
Secure system design prevents tampering and data manipulation
Switch on and start test immediately
Low maintenance and spare part costs
2 years warranty