video corpo

automatic inspection system / servo-driven / for vials / for ampoules
AIM 8000 Series Bosch Packaging Technology



  • Operational mode:

    automatic, servo-driven

  • Applications:

    for vials, for ampoules, for syringes, for cartridges


Particles are detected by a vision system based on two high resolution CMOS area cameras in confocal tandem configuration. Image capture timing of each camera is alternately synchronized with dual LED illumination, enabling independent capture of transmitted light and reflected light particle images from the same container. As result, the camera system performs 2 inspection types on a single station, saving valuable space on the inspection table. Moreover additional camera systems inspect for cracks, stains and other container defects. The latest CCD and CMOS camera technologies in combination with specially designed optics and LED lighting are applied for accurate inspection of container defects.

Inspection technologies:

Camera-based technology and light transmission-based SD technology. Leak Detection modules can be fully integrated into AIM 8000 Series.

Modular design:

The machine consists of three modules (main / sub / pre-spin modules) which interface mechanically, electrically and functionally. It allows faster delivery and rapid customization of the equipment according to each customer’s requirement.