Catheter guidewire / vascular
Fathom™ Boston Scientific


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The Fathom Steerable Guidewires join a distal segment (nitinol hypotube) with proprietary microfabrication technology that is very advanced. It has created a design that can revolutionize the ability in accessing vascular beds that are the most tortuous. Fathom is available now in two diameters, 0.014" and 0.016". It comes in a wide spectrum of lengths, ranging from 140 cm to the 300 cm new Fathom-14 Guidewire.
The nitinol hypotube is diamond-cut and is designed for torque control transmission that is turn-to-turn, enhancing the maneuverability and responsiveness. With an intent to facilitate catheter tracking and guidewire placement, distal segment is coated with lubricants and stainless steel segment is coated with PTFE.


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