clamp forceps / laparoscopic / vessel-sealing / bipolar
LIGATOR® BOWA-electronic



  • Applications:

    clamp, laparoscopic

  • Procedure:


  • Type:

    bipolar, Maryland

  • Other characteristics:

    reusable, anti-adhesive

  • Length:

    360 mm


LIGATOR is a re-usable, compact sealing instrument. It can be used for any ligation procedures during open surgery and laparoscopic applications like general surgery, gynecology and urology disorders. The instrument can be used with either straight tips or maryland tips and it can be completely sterilized in an autoclave. It benefits from an anti-adhesion coating and is available in 110 mm or 360 mm lengths. The device is used with a BOWA ARC generator with ligation function, and the Plug'n Cut COMFORT system enables instrument identification. LIGATOR allows for the sealing of vessels up to 7 mm, with the sealed end being able to withstand pressures of up to 700 mmHg.