Absorbance microplate reader / for high-throughput screening
HTS-XT Bruker Optik GmbH


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    for high-throughput screening


The microplate extension HTS-XT allows the application of FT-IR spectroscopy as method for high-throughput screening. The acquisition, control and evaluation of spectral data from large numbers of samples are performed by the OPUS/LAB software. OPUS/LAB also controls the microplate stacking device Twister that permits a continuous 24 hour operation of the FT-IR spectrometer. The HTS-XT is an external module that can be connected to different Bruker Optics FT-IR spectrometers. Depending on its configuration it can be used for measurements in the mid infrared to the near infrared and even the VIS range.

The sampling plates for the IR analysis correspond to the standardized 96-, 384- or 1536-well microplate formats. For analysis, approximately 1-20 µl of a liquid sample are placed on a single sampling position of the microplate and dried. The sample volume prepared depends on sample form, measurement mode and sample plate design. Solid samples are first dried and ground before they are filled into a well of the microplate. The loaded sample plate is moved into the sealed optics by a motorized drawer. Then the measurement of the microplate is performed fully automated in the measurement modes transmission and/or reflectance by successively moving each sample position into the focus of the IR-beam.


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