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The VERTEX FT-IR research spectrometer productline is the culmination of everything Bruker has pioneered and developed in over 35 years.

The VERTEX Series is built on a fully upgradeable optics platform that is designed with the utmost flexibility in mind. VERTEX spectrometers share a wide range of features, including the Bruker Artificial Intelligence Network (BRAIN), Automatic Component Recognition (ACR), the Plug & Play Ethernet connection and Automatic Accessory Recognition (AAR).

Bruker’s VERTEX 70 Series FT-IR Spectrometers are based on the well-known RockSolid™ interferometer and the ideal entry level systems for Advanced Research applications. The newly available vacuum optics bench provides class leading specifications.

VERTEX 80/80v
The new VERTEX 80 and the VERTEX 80v vacuum FT-IR spectrometer is based on the actively aligned UltraScan™ interferometer, which provides PEAK spectral resolution. The precise linear air bearing scanner guarantees the ultimate sensitivity and stability.