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The RamanScopeIII is a high performance FT-Raman microscope designed for the microanalysis of samples in research and development. The RamanScopeIII is an accessory to Bruker Optics' multi-range fully digital FT-Raman spectrometers and can be coupled to the RAM II FT-Raman module or the standalone MultiRAM FT-Raman spectrometer.
Minimize Fluorescence Interference

The RamanScopeIII provides the most efficient method to avoid unwanted fluorescence. When sample fluorescence is a problem, FT-Raman microanalysis with near infrared excitation (1064 nm) is frequently the only solution. As sample fluorescence can be orders of magnitude more intense than Raman scattering, the presence of fluorescence often precludes observation of Raman scattering. Excitation at 1064nm is low enough in excitation energy such that the occurrence of disturbing fluorescence is less probable.


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