FT-IR spectrometer / high-resolution
verTera: VERTEX80v Terahertz Extension Bruker Optik GmbH



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The famous VERTEX80v is the gold standard of R&D FTIR spectroscopy regarding performance, sensitivity and flexibility. With the unique verTera THz extension the VERTEX 80v is now the first and only all-in-one system combining the advantages of FTIR and continuous wave THz spectroscopy, gaining access to an extremely broad spectral range and exciting new possibilities.

Unique features:
•Hybrid spectrometer FTIR/cw THz spectrometer with spectral range up to 3-50000 cm-1
•No cryogenically cooled components required
•Unique effective spectral resolution < 0.0007 cm-1
•Unmatched THz performance due to vacuum beam path and optimized THz data processing
•Same sample compartment & accessories applicable for FTIR and cw THz
•FTIR and THz mode controlled via OPUS software with full data compatibility