Digital electrocardiograph / 12-channel / with touchscreen
BTL-08 LT Plus ECG BTL International


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    with touchscreen


This 12-channel L-line ECG has a 5.7" color touch screen and prints on A4 Z-fold thermal paper. It is specially designed for use in cardiology clinics and departments and uses the latest technology to provide functionality, modern design, and easy-to-use features. It can operate from either a battery or mains power and provides exceptional signal quality with its auto-adaptive filters. There is a loose lead indicator and manual, auto, and user-defined profiles. The device has an alpha-numeric keyboard that is easy to operate, pacemaker detection, and can be connected to an external printer using its USB connector. It connects to MEW computer software and can even be used in combination with the Spirometry module. There is also a connection for a vacuum electrode system and an upgrade for diagnostics.


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