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VISIOMED Hair-Expert Canfield Scientific



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VISIOMED Hair-Expert – The Digital Trichogram

VISIOMED Hair-Expert is a professional instrument which enables you to do justice to the patient’s desire of a qualified and objective hair analysis and accurate treatment. It is based on the most modern, scientifically secured procedures of image analysis and computer intelligence.

VISIOMED Hair-Expert at a glance:

• digital trichogram
• supporting diagnostics and therapy control
• maximum complement for hair consulting hour
• painless and simple in application
• impressive representation of results
• printing of evaluation data

VISIOMED Hair-Expert can be integrated into the VISIOMED image system as an option or can be operated as stand-alone in connection
with a digital camera on a Windows PC.

VISIOMED Hair-Expert Functions:

• automatic computation of anagenic-telogenic ratio
• computation of number of hair per square cm
• data alterations in the follow-up
• data display as histogram
•display of anagenic and telogenic hairs as false-color image