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continuous-motion filler / servo-driven / floor-standing / volumetric
Conquest® Capmatic



  • Operational mode:

    servo-driven, continuous-motion

  • Type:

    floor-standing, volumetric, piston

  • Container type:

    bottle, for vials

  • Application domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    with capping system, modular, automatic labeling


The Conquest® is a Monoblock system capable of filling, plugging, capping and labeling various size bottles and caps with speeds up to 250 BPM**. The bottles are accurately filled using servo driven volumetric pistons designed to handle liquid and viscous product. Depending on the application, peristaltic pumps may also be utilized to avoid cross-contamination. Both filling technologies are designed to reach accuracies of ±0.5%. The Plugging/Capping turrets are designed to utilize different closing heads allowing accurate torque control for caps on plastic, glass or metal bottles. Our equipment provides the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical and food industries with quality equipment built for reliability, flexibility and efficiency. Removable stainless steel doors on the front and back of the machine provides quick access to internal components and electrical controls.

Applications: Filling | Plugging | Crimping | Capping | Over-Cap

Speed*: Up to 250 BPM**