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filler with capping system / compact / floor-standing / bottle
Bambino™ Capmatic



  • Type:

    compact, floor-standing

  • Container type:


  • Application domain:

    for the pharmaceutical industry

  • Other characteristics:

    with capping system, modular


The Bambino™ system is a compact single-indexing platform which can be configured to handle various types of applications. It is a full featured multi-station monoblock that can be equipped with an assortment of filling systems, control panel systems, pumps, capping equipment and electrical controls. The system can also be equipped with a labeling system that can accommodate various inspection components. Numerous options are available for the Bambino™ platform to attain different packaging requirements. Removable stainless steel doors on the front and back of the machine provides quick access to internal components and electrical controls.

Applications: Filling | Plugging | Stoppering | Crimping | Capping | Labeling

Speed*: Up to 40 BPM**