camera instrument holding arm / articulated
VDS 30 Centrel



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    for camera, articulated


VDS 30 equipped with zoom lens and high resolution super sensitive telecamera. It is gratitude to 30 years of experiences in design and engineering of surgical video systems, Centrel instant the VDS 30 equipment as best solution for documentation and training.

A central button is dedicated to the fast focusing setting The mobile structure, with a base on four wheels, is exactly stable and at the like time light in moving. There is no acrobatics for controlling zoom, focus and iris a remote control integrated into the rod grip ensures practical reworking of all the parameters.

The camera, mounted on a fluid head guided by a rod, turns in the horizontal and vertical plane with gentle, decisive movements. VDS 30 reproduces every detail of the framed image with exceptional clarity, notable depth of field and chromatic fidelity.

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