biostimulation laser / diode / tabletop
Intelect® HPL7, HPL15 Chattanooga International



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  • Wavelength:

    810 nm, 1,064 nm, 980 nm


The New High Power Laser for True Pain ReliefThe Chattanooga High Power Laser raises the game of laser treatment; its higher power achieves greater photonic delivery, shortening treatment times, generating a thermal effect, and improving healing. It can almost immediately arrest soft tissue and joint pain. Its 3 wavelengths allow for optimal tissue absorption and it can achieve much greater penetration depth than its low-power counterparts.Key Features:Deep tissue penetration with power up to 15 WOptimal tissue absorption due the 2 or 3 different wavelengths: 810 nm, 980 nm and 1064 nmDifferent emission modes for optimal output adjustmentPreset protocols for easy applicationLarge Touch screen, 7 inch with an optimal interface flowAutomatic laser source calibrationSafety footswitch operation

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