electro-stimulator / hand-held / NMES / 2-channel
INTELECT® Chattanooga USA



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Intelect® NMES Portable is used to prevent Disuse Atrophy and to promote muscle re-education and increased range of motion and circulation. It features dual independent channels, adjustable pulse amplitude up to 500 ohm load, pulse frequency and contraction/relaxation time parameters.

The NMES Portable has a pulse width of 250μsec while the NMES Digital has an adjustable pulse width from 50-300µsec. For pulse frequency, the NMES Portable has 5, 30, 100 Hz while the NMES Digital has an adjustable pulse frequency of 2-120 Hz.

The digital unit features adjustable pulse width and timer parameters and has three stim modes - Synchronous, Constant, Alternate. NMES Digital is convenient and easy to operate with its LCD and digital controls. Both comes with a 2-year warranty on the unit only.