electro-stimulator / trolley-mounted / NMES / 4-channel
Intelect® Vitalstim® Chattanooga USA



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The VitalStim Therapy Intelect is made by Chattanooga Group and has seven parameter settings to meet the requirements of physicians and SLPs that need to treat dysphagia in patients. Each item in the set has a full description of readouts plus information on electrode placements. This is used to create a report on the waveform. The device has a sensible setup that works with a good intensity to keep the phasing under control. The user can adjust the treatment time and phase duration as well. This uses four channels of stimulation and works with the sides of the face. This can even be used to treat scar tissue, fatigue and patient frailty. This device is easy to transport and can be used with care.

Intelect® VitalStim Therapy System: 2 Channel Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) device.