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medical gas monitoring system / continuous

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medical gas monitoring system / continuous medical gas monitoring system / continuous


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    medical gas

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Steri-Trac® Area Monitors offer continuous gas monitoring for potentially hazardous chemicals including Peracetic Acid, Ethylene Oxide, Hydrogen Peroxide, and Ozone.

Continuous air monitoring is the cutting edge of chemical safety and helps to maintain productivity by effectively addressing employee concerns in accordance with guidelines set by regulatory and standards organizations such as NIOSH, OSHA, AAMI, and the ACGIH. In addition to real-time monitoring, data logging with the DAQ® system allows you to record these levels in case there is concern from employees or inspectors.

Monitoring also helps you to manage unexpected and unpredictable conditions such as failure of fans or exhaust equipment, machine wear and tear, or accidental leaks and spills, which can cause vapor levels to reach potentially dangerous levels.

Gas Monitors are installed in areas close to the source but also near the workers’ breathing zone for improved safety and accurate, timely detection. Steri-Trac peripherals ensure that gas monitoring and display points meet the needs of your unique facility and staff.