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tablet monitoring system / portable
SafeCide™ ChemDAQ



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SafeCide™ is a unique tablet based monitoring system which allows you to spot check for peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide, or ethylene oxide levels in the air. The sleek sensor clips directly to the waterproof pouch and neck strap assembly. Our application comes preloaded on a Windows 10 tablet and features customizable alarm levels and settings for labeling data with comments, location, and user information. Simply launch the program, take your sample, and complete the log. SafeCide™ stores your readings and can calculate time weighted averages (TWA). The data collected is stored to a .csv file for easy export and data analysis.

Portable monitoring allows you to read chemical vapor levels in places you otherwise couldn’t reach. This allows you the flexibility to monitor when you need it, where you need it in situations such as when employees express concern about chemical odor or validating safety at times when chemical dosing may have changed.

SafeCide™ is a tablet based gas monitor designed to be worn by personnel and can be operated in two modes. The first mode is specifically designed for spot checks at critical junctures and finding the source of vapor leaks using the separate Bluetooth-linked sensor. The second mode is used for providing monitoring over time, and includes time weighted average (TWA) readings and alarms. Both modes include easy customization settings for tagging different locations, workers, or other designations specific to your facility or use with the data saved directly as a .csv file.