tracking software / management / CSSD / for sterilization services



  • Function:

    tracking, management

  • Application domain:


  • Medical establishment:

    for sterilization services

  • Other characteristics:

    for smartphones, web-based


TRACE CARE is composed by a set of solutions that allow operators to access data (via mobile or PC via Wi-Fi), increasing efficiency and tracing.

The process within the CSSD (central sterile service department) mainly involves the following categories of items to be sterilized:

Kit consisting of surgical instruments used in the operating room
Operating room trolley

Main features:

Web architecture
The server can communicate directly with the machines PLC through a two-waycommunication protocol
Introduction of mobile devices in order to manage all stages of the process in total flexibility
Ability to allow multi company users to operate in the case of central sterilization kits from multiple hospitals

Taking advantage of ID technologies (bar RFID code), the system traces operators and assets. It is studied to be easily integrated with operating theatre systems for the tracing of surgical instruments.

TRACE CARE architecture is divided in:

Front Office application on your handheld (Front Office)
Back Office application on your workstation PC (Back Office)
Middleware application (on main data base)

The system can be integrated with the hospital information system (HIS)