trolley-mounted colon hydrotherapy unit
MOD 004RA CleanColon Italy



  • Ergonomics:



The 004RA is made in Italy and is the only colon hydrotherapy machine on the market certified in Class II B according to Addendum III to Directive 93/42CEE on medical devices acknowledged with Legislative Decree n. 46 of 24/02/1997.

The Istituto Masini n. 0068 is the Institution recognized by the Ministry of Health that has certified our machine 004RA.


01 It is not connected to an electric power source during therapy
(powered with rechargeable batteries)

02 Water temperature control with electronic safety system with audible alarm

03 Pressure control with manostat, safety valve and audible alarm

04 Discharge system control with automatic anti-clogging valve

05 Hydraulic system composed of 5 anti-return valves

06 Pall filter application with a membrane device that filters up to 0.2 μm, blocking the passage of legionella, pseudomonas and fungi

07 Disposable speculum with safety belt with Patent n. 01318041

08 The 004RA is equipped with a remote control with inflow/discharge push-button used by the doctor, or by the patient in case the therapist needs to keep his hands free to massage the patient or to provide other assistance.

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