PCR electrophoresis system / compact / horizontal / bench-top
MultiSUB-4 Cleaver Scientific



  • Applications:

    for PCR

  • Configuration:

    compact, horizontal, bench-top


Key Features

Separates up to 1200 samples in as little as 15 minutes, over a short 1cm separtion distance, in 4 stacked horizontal gel trays. A relatively small footprint area, plus the capacity to run 4 gels in 1 tank, saves on valuable laboratory bench space as well as resources. Ideal for rapid checking of very large numbers of samples from PCR and cloning:
Multichannel-compatible combs and gel plate configurations compatible with microplates and thermal cycler blocks ensure rapid loading of DNA minipreps and PCR products by 8-channel pipette
Double-sided 1.5-mm-thick combs allow more sample volume to be loaded into each well
Three gel tray options available in 8×6, 8×12 and 8x18cm (WxL) sizes for maximum flexibility


The MultiSUB-4 is a compact system capable of running a maximum 1200 samples simultaneously by stacking up to 4 horizontal gels. This achieves high sample throughput while maintaining the time and space saving advantages of a small, compact unit.

Each MultiSUB-4 is supplied with 4 gel trays and 8 combs as standard, while additional trays and combs may be purchased as required. Two double-sided comb and three tray length formats are also available. An optional flexicaster, either supplied separately or as a package with the MultiSUB-4, is also available that allows up to four 8×6, 8×12 and 8x18cm multiSUB-4 gel trays to be cast simultaneously outside the tank.