electrophoresis power supply
nanoPAC-500 Cleaver Scientific



Key Features

Highly visible LED display
500Volts, 400mAmps, 120 Watts
For DNA & Protein Electrophoresis
Enhanced in-built safety features
Alarm function
Easy maintenance and cleaning


The new nanoPAC-500 is an ultra compact and economic power supply ideal for use with DNA (Horizontal) and Protein (Vertical) electrophoresis systems.

With enhanced features, such as a maximum constant voltage up to 500V and maximum constant current output of 400mA he nanoPAC-500 is capable of running all Cleaver Scientific horizontal multiSUB™ systems and vertical omniPAGE™ mini and VS20WAVE vertical units as well as horizontal and vertical gel tanks from other manufacturers, These can be set on a continuous run or timed setting up to 999 minutes. The nanoPAC-500’s user-friendly interface is easily adjustable in 1V and 1mA increments, making it perfect for separations where precise settings are required. Its ultra compact size and two pairs of parallel power terminals, which can run two electrophoresis units simultaneously, save time and bench space.