electrophoresis power supply
CS-300V Cleaver Scientific



Key Features

A stackable design
Rigorous in-built safety mechanisms
Automatic crossover
Dual voltage compatibility


At 700mA and 150W, nearly twice the current and power of the market leading equivalent unit, the CS-300V offers a specification comparable to any other midi power supply presently available. The CS-300V is perfectly suited to use with all Cleaver Scientific horizontal multiSUB systems and omniPAGE mini vertical gel units, and may also be adapted for specialist techniques including the Comet Assay, and clinical and high throughput horizontal electrophoresis.

Microprocessor control with four sets of power terminals allow simultaneous operation of as many electrophoresis units, either at a constant voltage or current setting, while the timer function may be set continuously or up to a maximum 999 minutes when an alarm sounds to signify termination of the run. A user-friendly interface houses a conspicuous 3-digit LED to aid set up, as well as a convenient pause/resume key; a particularly useful feature during extended runs when it is necessary to access the gel tank to monitor buffer levels and sample migration. Given its high specification and remarkable versatility the CS-300V is relatively inexpensive.