electrophoresis transilluminator / UV / LED
SAFEVIEW Cleaver Scientific



  • Applications:

    for electrophoresis

  • Light source:

    UV, LED


Key Features

No DNA damage to samples
Safer for user – No UV light
High Purity LED Light
Strong Metal Enclosure with Stainless steel filter frame
Fast start up


Our new SAFEVIEW LED transilluminator offers the user a safe way to view and document their samples. This light source also has the added advantage in that is does not damage DNA or RNA that you would normally associate with UV light. They are supplied as a standalone unit and can be used with the microDOC, as part of a fully integrated gel documentation system. With a large surface area, each transilluminator serves as the perfect workstation for viewing and working with fluorescently-stained protein and nucleic acid gels.

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