UV DNA crosslinker
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UV DNA crosslinker UV DNA crosslinker


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Key Features

The world most impressive transilluminator
• Programmable microprocessor control
• UV energy monitored automatically
• Compact footprint with large interior
• Observation window – UV blocking
• Membrane keypad operation
• Clear LED display
• Safety interlocked


Small and safe without compromising efficiency
The CL 508 provides a compact unit occupying minimum bench space with a footprint of only 350 x 350 mm and a spacious interior chamber of 270 x 300 x 140 mm. As with all our products, safety is a major consideration so the CL508 door is safety interlocked against opening during operation and the observation window in the door is ultraviolet blocking.

The ultraviolet energy is continuously monitored by an accurate microprocessor controlled photo feedback system which compensates for variation in output from the UV sources. In this way consistency of operation and maximum efficiency are maintained.

Applications include:
• Fixing of nucleic acids to nylon or nitrocellulose membranes
• Southern or Northern blotting, dot blotting and colony or ple lifts
• Elimination or reduction of PCR contamination
• Nicking ethidium bromide stained DNA in agarose gels
• Gene mapping for creating cleavage inhibiting thymine dimers
• Screening RecA mutation
• Ultraviolet curing of polymers, adhesives and inks
• Ultraviolet sterilisation

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