orbital laboratory shaker / three-dimensional / tilting / digital
MiniMix Cleaver Scientific



  • Motion type:

    orbital, three-dimensional, tilting

  • Display:


  • Configuration:

    bench-top, compact

  • Rotational speed:

    18 rpm, 20 rpm (113 rad.min-1)


Key Features

The perfect speed and lift for blotting and gel staining
Three-Dimensional motion
Designed for use with Blot Boxes


The Cleaver Scientific MiniMix combines the motions of orbital shaking and rocking to produce a gentle, but thorough, 3-D action that is perfect for antibody incubation of western blots and staining gels.

The pitch and speed of the Cleaver Scientific MiniMix are optimised to generate a tilt angle that is large enough to ensure uniform distribution of solutions, yet small enough to prevent the centre of the blot from drying out. This has the added benefit of allowing users to work with minimal volumes, thus conserving valuable probes and antibodies.

A non-slip rubber mat keeps the boxes in place on the agitating platform, which, along with the housing, is very easy to clean and decontaminate after use. The MiniMixs compact and light weight design allows it to be moved around the lab where needed. It is also safe for use in an incubator or cold room for temperature controlled reactions.