horizontal electrophoresis system
RunVIEW™ MIDI, MINI Cleaver Scientific



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Continuing from the success of the award-winning runVIEW™ system, the runVIEW™ MINI and MIDI are Cleaver Scientific’s latest additions to its Safe Range of electrophoresis products. Both systems benefit from the blue light illumination of fluorescently stained 7- or 10-cm-wide agarose gels to allow users to view the size-fractionation of nucleic acids in real-time. An adjustable blue-light illuminator platform accommodates both the MSMINI and MSMIDI electrophoresis tanks, while band visualisation is achieved through the corresponding lid containing an amber spectral emission filter. Each lid remains free of condensation by a built-inextractor fan and may be connected either to the user’s own power supply or to the optional, but recommended nanoPAC-300.