96-well thermal cycler / Peltier effect
GTC96S Cleaver Scientific



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    Peltier effect


Key Features

Gene cloning and analysis. Gene expression analysis. Mutational screening
Compatible with 96-well plates, 0.2ml tubes and tube strips
Protocol optimization selectable from 1 to 24°C across the entire temperature control range from 4-99°C
Precision temperature control increases both speed and efficiency


Faster and with enhanced features, the new GTC96S advanced thermal cycler delivers exceptional performance at an affordable price. An improved protocol optimisation process utilises Flexible Temperature technology to segregate the 96-well plate into six discrete (4×4-well) temperature zones, made easily distinguishable by blue and black squares.

Temperature selection is no longer automated and is entirely in the hands of the operator over a 24°C advanced range, anywhere between 4 and 96°C. This enables the operator to optimise PCR by testing 6 different temperatures simultaneously in just one thermal cycler run. This is ideal for Genotyping work. With heating and cooling rates of 5°C/s and 3.5°C/s respectively, the precision temperature control of the GTC96S minimises temperature overshooting and undershooting between individual stages within each PCR cycle, resulting in faster run times and greater efficiency.

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