laboratory bioreactor / for microbial fermentation / compact
proSET One Cleaver Scientific



  • Applications:

    laboratory, for microbial fermentation

  • Other characteristics:



Key Features
Duo heating system, thermostat and dry heating combined in one
Linux based system for stable and virus proof operation
Extreme compact in size: (WxLxH) 250x510x500mm
Compatible with any vessel types up to 10 liter
Economic model for budget saving lab
Connects up to 16 systems through remote control software
Three speed adjustable peristaltic pumps control feedings in various flow rates
SCADA software ready
Easy ordering package
Expansion module available for system upgrade supports to optional devices
Multi-language operation interface is available

The most versatile, cost and space saving fermentation system is now available from our proSET Fermentation product line-the One System.
proSET One System is not only compact in size but also provides all the necessary tools as a standard instrument. The duo heating system allows you to choose any vessel types up to 10L for any application needs. The optional expansion module allows you to add additional devices to enhance the capability of the system. All necessities such as temperature, anti-foam, pH and DO probe are all included in the standard package.