vertical electrophoresis system
Octi-Page Cleaver Scientific



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Key Features
Compare data from up to eight independent gels run within two PAGE inserts
Unique sliding clamp technology facilitates rapid interchange between casting and running inserts
Run eight gels in the tank whilst casting another eight gels simultaneously, to keep the tank in permanent use and maximise throughput
Run eight, Blot eight! – optional blotting insert has double the transfer capacity of the market leader, eliminating bottlenecks between PAGE and blotting
Suitable for precast gels, and available in a selection of customised packages with optional blotting insert and specialist power supply

Octi-Page is Cleaver Scientific’s solution for high throughput electrophoresis of 10x10cm mini-gels. Based on the 4-gel capacity of the CVS10TETRAD system, the Octi-Page takes electrophoresis one step further by allowing eight single gels to be run within two individual CVS10DIRM running inserts. By using the standard CVS10 mini-vertical plain glass plate with bonded spacer (VS10PGS1) and notched glass plate (VS10NG) configuration, the researcher not only benefits from being able to compare data between single gels run within the same tank but is also free of the complications that sometimes occur when opening and processing double-gel cassettes or triple-plate sandwiches.