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conductivity data logger conductivity data logger - D230


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Our successful D230 system is a configurable large measurement array. With up to 16 fully loaded D230 racks connected to each other
the complété D230 system can measure up to 448 channels.
The system is based upon a D230 rack and 2 différent measurement modules: D291 and D292. D291 is 4-channel pH/mV/lon/Dissolved
Oxygen measurement modules. D292 is a 4-channel Conductivity/TDS module. Both modules can be used in the D230 system so you
can configure a D230 as you wish.
The data acquisition software of the D230 system is freely downloadable from our website. It is specially designed to control, collect and
store data of a D230 system. I runs under Windows 2000 or higher. Ail channels are processed at the same time, each in its own window.
The software automatically detects the maximum number and type of available channels. Data is collected on-line at a programmable
interval determined by the program (4s...24h)