ion selective electrode

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ion selective electrode ion selective electrode


In 2007 Octens developed a revolutionary new type of universal ion selective electrode for organic molecules. The development was done with data loggers from Consort. The electrode has been validated and used by renown companies. The Uni-Ti is a universal ISE for the titration of any charged or ionisable organic compound. The universal ISE has a much broader application area: it can be used for a wide range of lipophilic analytes. The Octens electrode can measure to the lower pg range and the sensitivity and the quality of the measurement are proportional to the lipophilicity of the analyte. Uni-Ti can be used in various applications such as: Détermination of quinine in tonie by titration Détermination of detergents by titration Détermination of pharmaceuticals by titration Détermination of agrochemicals on site (at the farm level)