vertical electrophoresis chamber
EHS3620 Consort

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vertical electrophoresis chamber vertical electrophoresis chamber - EHS3620


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The EHS3620 can handle both very large numbers of samples, and long runs as well, providing both high résolution and high
tnrough-put. The EHS3620 device includes buffer recirculation ports for connection to extemal buffer recirculation devices, and
features ExpressCast™ casting system for in-tray tapeless casting. The unit is manufactured with a levelling base that
includes a built-in level and 3-point levelling using nylon screws for convenient level adjustment. Use a casting dam for casting shorter
ExpressCast™ gel casting technology.
Heavy duty lower buffer chamber and Interlock safety lid with attached leads.
Buffer chamber with colour coded, sealed platinum electrodes and non-slip rubber feet.
UV transmissible gel tray with 12 comb slots.
Safety cover with attached retractable-sheathed power cords.
Wide range of combs and accessories available.