Multipurpose radiography X-ray generator / with control panel
Conrad CONTROL-X Medical


  • Type of imagery:

    for multipurpose radiography

  • Options:

    with control panel

  • Power:

    50 kW (67.05 hp), 30 kW (40.23 hp)


The Conrad HF Series of high frequency radiographic generators delivers the highest performance and reliability in any medical radiographic environment.

Available from 30 - 50 kW power output, the ConRad HF Series of high frequency radiographic generators continue Control-X Medicals tradition of providing Hospital Grade Quality products at exceptional prices.

Microprocessor control delivers reliability and accurate exposure parameter management.ConRad_console_1
Outstanding linearity, low ripple, 400, 500 or 600 mA maximum tube current.
Easy-To- Use fl at surface control panel.
Operates as a 3-factor technique selection generator (kVp, mA, time) with mAs operation selectable by operator.
Wide range of selectable exposure times for easy parameter selection and fl exibility.
Rapid automatic calibration mode reduces onsite procedure time.
Decreased x-ray dose as compared to traditional generator systems which ensures more patient safety.
Faster procedures due to improved x-ray techniques means more throughput.
Automatic tube protection and interlocks are all standard features.
Stored energy version available.


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