Surgery unit integration system / routing / HD
VIDA Vision ConVida Healthcare & Systems


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    for surgery units, routing, HD


The entry-level integration system designed for use in a single O.R.


Video & Data Routing

A point of control to route up to 4 video, image or data items to 7 destinations. This set up can incorporate 4 HD monitors and another 3 devices (e.g. a recording device, medical printer or a computer in a remote location).

Video Input from Any Equipment Source

VIDA Vision is vendor neutral and accepts industry-signal inputs from any source type. Input signals are converted to DVI for all-digital routing.


Connects VIDA Vision with our IP/Ethernet streaming device to transmit video/audio inside the O.R. to a computer in a remote location running Internet Explorer (IE) browser.

Live Video Preview on Built-in Display

A 5" LCD preview display is embedded in VIDA Vision's front panel. Users may view the most current video input before sending.

Color-coded Buttons

Intuitive color-coded control buttons and wall panel facilitate operation and easy identification.

Uniform Wall Receptacles

Uniformed DVI receptacles on the wall make the setup of mobile-based equipment simple. O.R. staff will also enjoy streamlined workflow.

Control Panel for VIDA HD Camera

Includes ON/OFF, Rotate (Right/Left), Auto/Manual Focus, Zoom In/Out, Focus for Near/Far functions.

Modular Design Enables Future Expansion

VIDA Vision is built with serial ports to allow the system to connect with other ConVida integration systems upon or after installation.


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