Operating theatre integration system
VIDA VISION ConVida Healthcare & Systems


VIDA Vision uses an entry-level integration system ideally used in the operating room. Its main features include video and data routing. It can route up to four image, video, or data items to up to seven destinations. It can incorporate four main HD monitors plus another three devices, may be a recording device, another computer, or a medical printer.

The device can input video from another equipment source since it is vendor neutral and can accept signal from any type of source. These input signals are then converted to DVI to route digitally. The VIDA Vision can also connect with an IP/Ethernet streaming device for the transmission of video or audio inside the O.R. going to a remote computer which runs an Internet Explorer browser. It support live video preview display on its built-in 5-inch LCD display which is embedded in the device's front panel. Moreover, its users may preview the current video before sending it to another device. For ease of use, its buttons are color-coded as well.


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