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Cryoness device is a single person chamber which treats the body with liquid nitrogen. During this process, the cabin maintains an extremely low temperature ranging between -110ºC and -160ºC. Cryoness is equipped with an electric lift which allows to adjust the floor so that the user is immersed in liquid nitrogen mist only up to the neck; the head is held above the cabin, allowing the user to stay in touch with a technician. To encourage the customer’s sense of security, cryoness is fitted with a door which can be easily closed but never locked. The Cryoness device is equipped with an LCD touch screen which enables the adjustment of the settings, e.g. the lift height, temperature, etc.

What distinguishes our devices from other cryosaunas is a scale which measures the amount of nitrogen left to use in the dewar and displaying that data on the LCD touch screen.

Cryosness is equipped with an automatic circulation system which cools the capsule before the first session. Once the session is completed, it heats and dehumidifies the cabin.

It is also fitted with a nitrogen exhaust system which disposes of the remaining nitrogen by blowing it into a ventilation system.

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