multipurpose radiography X-ray generator / with control panel



  • Type of imagery:

    for multipurpose radiography

  • Options:

    with control panel


The ANTHEM operates in three user-friendly modes; APR (Anatomically Programmed Radiography), 2 point or 3 point technique set-up and allows customization of operation to meet the needs of the particular practice and the preferences of the technologist. Simply choose the region of interest, select the desired examination, then select patient size to display the pre-programmed technique. The ANTHEM's programming process allows authorized personnel fast modifi cation of the programmed mA, kV and/or time. When the 2 point operation of setting mAs and kV is used, the software will automatically choose the highest mA and shortest time to reduce motion and deliver high quality images. The traditional 3 point selection of kV, mA and time is provided to accommodate the needs of specialized views and the preference of some technologists.

Key benefits of the Del Medical Anthem include:

10 - 15 minute calibration
LCD Display
Integrated 24 volt AC.DC power supply
Range 208v to 480v A/C range
Update APR by SD card or PC