Traditional hip prosthesis / for total hip arthroplasty / cemented or non-cemented
Corail® Depuy Synthes


  • Surgical application:


  • Type of arthroplasty:

    for total hip arthroplasty

  • Fixture type:

    cemented or non-cemented


The advanced features of the Corail stem, and its bone-preserving surgical technique, have made it a great choice for minimally invasive hip surgery. More than twenty years ago, we began a revolution with the use of HA in orthopaedics. Today we face an exciting new era, and we look forward with confidence in sharing continued success with the world’s orthopaedic community

Corail stepped geometry is oriented to minimize shear forces and maximize compression loading in host cancellous bone to give proven fixation. Standard and high offset collarless stem options
enable femoral offset restoration and soft-tissue tensioning. High offset collarless option adds +7 mm of direct lateralization to restore hip biomechanics in a wider range of patients.

Collared stems are available in both standard and coxa vara offset to control subsidence and add rotational stability in patients with osteopenic bone. Coxa vara collared neck option offers an increased offset and varus neck angle for femoral restoration and proper soft-tissue tensioning of varus neck angled patients.


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