ductless fume hood / laboratory / chemical / floor-standing
NXT Design Filtration Microzone



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    ductless, stainless steel


Our NXT Ductless Fume Hood provides the highest level of operator and environment protection from harmful chemicals available today. Quality materials, components and workmanship can be found in this fully loaded NXT series hood.


Operator Protection
The airflow is directed away from the operator, into the hood to be filtered.
Chemical Filtration
The Ductless Fume Hood model filters the contaminated air through a carbon filter designed specifically to the chemical to be absorbed in each hood.
Independent Operation
Internal fan(s) direct the air without the need for the air to be ducted to the building system. The treated air is then vented back into the room saving otherwise wasted energy.
Sturdy Construction
Constructed from cold-rolled steel with anti-bacterial powered coating, Interior 304 stainless steel work surface with coved corners and two layers of laminated, toughened, anti-UV glass.


Granulated Multi-Mix (MM) Chemical Filter specific to the hood use
Power vertical sliding face shield, fully interlocked with both the supply fan(s) and UV lighting
UV lighting
Energy-efficient, fluorescent task lighting
Quick-change, disposable pre-filters, rated MERV 8
Side windows made of two layers of laminated, toughened, anti-UV glass
Pre-cut holes for various service outlets
LCD display for On/Off controls of fan and lights, UV timer, sash height control, duplex, and airflow velocity read-out