automatic immunoassay analyzer / bench-top / ELISA test / human
Brio 2 DIALAB Services



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    ELISA test

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Brio 2 improves
•Productivity with the implementation of a third microplate position, allowing up to 288 determinations per session.
•Flexibility, the three microplates allow multiple panels to be managed. Up to 9 tests, with différent incubation times can be processed (ToRCH IgG and IgM, Total IgE and Specifiés IgE
•Accuracy, the new updated Time Management System (TMS) optimizes the execution of tests per profiles such as Soluble Antigens panels for Autoimmunity and the Food IgG assays.
Brio 2 furthermore is provided with the following functions:
•Reagentprecheck activated simply by the user
•LIS connections ASTM protocol

Brio 2 is an automatic (walk away) open system suitable for
ELISA96 well microplate testing.The work plan can be simply
configured via software in order to satisfy any laboratory need.
The work plan can process up to 120 samples and 9 tests on line.